"Since 2007, the number of women-owned businesses have increased by 45%--35% of Millennials have a side hustle." --Forbes

The After 5 Club 3 Part Online Training Course

Who this training series is for:

Side Hustlers

 9 to 5'ers

Business Owners/Aspiring Business Owners


Professional Women

Who this training series is for:

  • A 9 to 5’er who is building their side hustle on the side
  • A full time entrepreneur who wants to start another business
  • A business owner that wants to find an extra 3 hours in their day
  • A person who needs to strength their mindset game
  • A corporate employee who wants to create their own exit strategy plan
  • A person who wants to finally set goals like a pro and start seeing tangible results after planning & strategizing 

Training 1: 10 Steps to Build A Business On The Side While Your Still In Your 9 to 5  

Training 2: How You Can Find An Extra 3 Hours in Your Day  

Training 3: How to Create Your Exit Strategy Plan

A BONUS PDF:Set Goals Like A Pro

This series contains 3 training videos (plus a Bonus video) and 3 downloadable & fillable PDF workbooks.

Hi, I'm Kelly Lynn Adams, the founder of The After 5 Club movement. I am obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs maximize their time, manage their mindset and monetize in their businesses. After working with hundreds of women in their businesses as well as working for some of the top fashion and retail brands in the world, I know a thing or two about how to grow a business. I'll show you the exact strategies and processes that I use in my own business as well as what I use with my clients in order to build their businesses along side a 9 to 5 and a demanding schedule from the bottom up all while minimizing distraction and stress.